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About us

Talino Venture Labs is a global venture studio headquartered in California and building tech startups across Asia and the United States. Our mission is to bridge the $5.2 trillion financial inclusion gap and to accelerate economic growth and recovery for underserved markets and the emerging middle class around the world. Exciting times are afoot at Talino Venture Lab, and we are looking for a Front-end Software Engineer to join us as we extend and enhance our global portfolio of product offerings.

Your role

As a Front-end Software Engineer, you will be a key member of Talino’s Development Team, working closely alongside business leaders, fellow engineers, and with Talino’s design and architecture teams to develop, design, and scale our lineup of inclusive software products. 

You must love the intersection of design, data, technology, problem-solving, and customer experience to be a fit for this role. 

You will have the opportunity to build innovative, impact-driven products along with delightful user experiences. Your work will enable those in underserved communities to access essential services with ease.

On a practical level, this means translating UI/UX design wireframes into code that will produce visual elements of applications, working closely with designers. Coming in with a strong understanding of design principles and technical implementation, you will take an active role on both sides and define how an application looks and how it works.

What it takes

To do this job well, you should have relevant experience in building and testing products for audiences with different levels of tech-savviness. You love taking on a challenge at any stage of development, from design to testing, troubleshooting, and localization.

You must also be able to uncover patterns in user behavior and translate insights into solutions that will optimize the performance, accessibility, and conversion efficiency of each application. We operate using flexible tech stacks, but familiarity with all these technologies is not required for applicants. It is more important that you are passionate, with a growth mindset and willingness to learn. 

Your responsibilities:

  • Develop front-end software while writing tests, conducting unit and integration testing, and writing automations 
  • Collaborate with UI/UX teams for technical viability of user interface design.
  • Collaborate with the rest of the development, design, and architecture teams to design and develop software applications
  • Uphold code writing standards to ensure that software is maintainable, robust, scalable, and testable. 
  • Conduct peer reviews to ensure that code is well written and adheres to set standards
  • Maximize the technology stack, languages, frameworks, and design patterns, which will vary based on specific project needs
  • Ensure compatibility and stability of software releases
  • Deploy development deliverables with a smooth handoff for production
  • Address technical challenges, risks, and recommendations alongside project stakeholders

Technologies we use:

  • Languages and frameworks: HTML, CSS, JS, Typescript, AngularJS, Ionic, Flutter. StorybookJS
  • Test frameworks: Jasmine, Karma
  • AuthN/Z: OAuth, JWT, Keycloak
  • APIs: REST, GraphQL
  • CI/CD: Gitlab CI/CD
  • Infrastructure: AWS

Ready to build products with purpose at Talino?

If this role sounds like a perfect fit for you, please send us the following so we can see if you have the skills we need:

  • Your most updated LinkedIn profile 
  • Cover letter sent in the body of the email
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